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Montagnes avec de la neige

RAID HEMAVAN "Le Relais Du Grand Nord"

Snomobile tour of 330 km in heart of Swedish Lappland Mountain

  • 1 hour
  • 28 000 couronnes suédoises
  • Hemavan

Service Description

• Day 1: Meet your guide at the airport of Hemavan ski resort in the heart of the Scandinavian Alps. Installation at the hotel in the center of the ski resort. Dinner and briefing with your French guide. Night at the hotel. • Day 2: RAID stage of 80km. Breakfast, checklist before departure with your guide. Picking up snowmobiles, packing, safety briefing, introduction to driving. Departure for RAID. For this first part of the stage we will progress on a varied and accessible route, to make it easier to get to grips with your snowmobile. We stop in the middle of the Scandinavian wilderness to have our lunch, prepared by your guide. The rest of the course will be more sporty, a feeling of freedom invades you, the pleasure of piloting is felt. After this beautiful day outdoors, we arrive at the Kittelfjäll ski resort hotel, where relaxation awaits. A good sauna, the comfort of your room and a good dinner to end this beautiful day. Night at the hotel. • Day 3: RAID stage of 130km. Breakfast at the hotel. We are preparing to leave for a more intense day. Snowmobiles purr in the hotel parking lot. We continue our journey through boreal forest and majestic mountains. We pilot our snowmobiles to Norway. Halfway through the course, we take a lunch break in the middle of the wild nature, we exchange our feelings on the course. We leave again, The kilometers fly by, the conditions can be more challenging, the powder snow makes the driving more sporty, the pleasure is intense. Arrival at the hotel in the Norwegian ski resort of Hattfjelldal. Relaxing evening, sauna, dinner and night at the hotel. • Day 4: RAID stage of 90km. Breakfast at the hotel. We get on our snowmobiles to head towards the Hemavan ski resort. It’s the last day of driving, the course gives us intense pleasure. Traditional lunch break halfway through the course in the middle of the mountains. We continue driving to the hotel. Return of snowmobiles. We meet around the table in the restaurant to exchange our feelings about this adventure. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Hemavan, Sweden


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